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Poll option for voting

Poll option for voting

It would be great to include a polling option within Canvas (in Discussion board, Announcements, on front page, in Collaborations?) somewhere to enable students to vote or choose something (this could be binary - yes/no type options, or multiple choice options). For instance, I won't see my students again in class until next week and I'd like to use Canvas to have them vote on 1 of 3 choices about how we will focus our class time next week. Canvas would be a great place to house that poll and view results. Thanks.
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It looks like wedgies is no more? I only find broken links when I try to find them online. 

Where they rebranded or bought up by someone else? 



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Having the option to create a voting poll within a discussion (or just have it separate) would be incredibly convenient instead of having students post a reply as a vote.

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Some ways to make polls within Canvas instead of embedding Google forms or other poll sites.