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Pop-out rubric into its own window from SpeedGrader

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Pop-out rubric into its own window from SpeedGrader

Using a rubric to grade in Canvas can be an exercise in frustration. Even the official documentation (How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in SpeedGrader?) starts by having you resize the parts of the screen, which leads to the submission being too small, or the rubric being too small and the grader needing to scroll.

This idea is to have the View Rubric button optionally allow the the rubric to be popped out into a new window that can be used alongside SpeedGrader's other tools while grading.

Alternatively, Canvas already supports in-page "window like" panels that can be moved around, resized, and interacted with while being part of the page you're on (example: Configure External Tool as part of assignment creation). This could be an alternative to a full pop-out window.

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Community Member

When correcting a paper in SpeedGrader with the rubric opened, the window divides into two panels: the paper is to the left and the rubric to the right. Canvas would be improved if the teacher could operate the size of the rubric without affecting the size of the paper. In other words, allow each panel size to be manipulated independently. I continuously have to toggle back and forth to see both panels fully, or I have to move the gray bar at the bottom of the rubric to see all of it. This issue is not due to my screen size as I have a large monitor. I hope I was clear enough for you to get the picture. Thank you.

On July 13, I placed this comment here to help coordinate efforts to somehow fix the paper-correcting-view limitations Canvas presently offers.