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Portability of Canvas Studio Media with Quizzes

Portability of Canvas Studio Media with Quizzes


For those of us who teach the same course in multiple school districts (hello, adjuncts!), it would be very helpful to be able to have Canvas Studio media fully portable. Currently to transfer a media file, you need to download it (and separately download the caption file), then upload it (again, separately uploading the caption file). Any quiz that was built into it does not come with it and would need to be recreated from scratch. (Sharing it to the Commons does not work at all.)

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My piggyback, in simple terms:

1) Share Video Quiz questions along with video.

2) Share subtitles along with video.

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Should be able to download video plus a separate caption file 

and yes adjuncts teaching across systems is an issue - should be a way to port across systems in canvas


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We should be able to create a quiz in more that just the Uploads files.  If an instructor shares a Studio file they cannot create a quiz because it doesn't show up in uploads.

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Yes.  If I take the time to make a video quiz, I do want to be able to share it with colleagues.  Please! 

Also, an option to block fast forward would be great too!