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Portfolium Curriculum Map: Automatically Import Assignment Level Outcomes

Portfolium Curriculum Map: Automatically Import Assignment Level Outcomes

When an administrator creates a Portfolium Curriculum Map, only course level outcomes are automatically imported when a template course has been associated to a curriculum map. It would save administrators a lot of time if course level outcomes that are attached to rubrics were imported during this process as well. 

Community Team
Community Team

jwadec‌, since rubrics aren’t aligned with courses, it would seem that in order for this to happen, rubrics incorporating the account-level outcomes would not only need to be created in the courses but would also need to be attached to assignments in those courses. Could you provide additional details about how you are using this, and how your users would like to see this work?


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Correct, the rubrics are attached to course level assignments. I guess my question is why is there a lot of duplication in the current workflow? 

If a rubric instrument is being used within a course, why are the aligned outcomes in that rubric not surfacing up as course level outcomes? Shouldn't the act of aligning the outcome in the rubric and using that rubric for a course assignment indicate that the outcome is being measured in the course?

Even if this wasn't an automatic step because some schools view outcomes differently and I had to provide some verification that I wanted rubric outcomes as course outcomes would be nice to see.

Something helpful like: Hey, we see that you have aligned one or more outcomes to a rubric. Would you like to use those outcomes as course level outcomes? If I select yes: Great! We will add all these outcomes to the course level for you. At that point I could import the course to the curriculum map and the outcomes would automatically import.

Right now here is the workflow:

1. Create rubric 

2. Add criteria

3. Associate outcome(s) to criteria

4. Add assignment to course template

5. Use rubric for grading

6. Navigate to course template and notice that it says there are no outcomes

7. Re-add all the outcomes a second time.

8. Go to curriculum map and import

So as an administrator I am doing double duty with outcomes as they have to be set at both the rubric level and at the course level. 

I had to manually add 105 outcomes to a curriculum map last week that were already attached to course level assignments via rubrics. It just seems like the importer should have had enough contextual awareness to know that I needed those 105 outcomes added.