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Portfolium Submission also available in Speedgrader

Portfolium Submission also available in Speedgrader

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When a student submits a paper that is connected to Portfolium they cannot grade it in speed grader, which is quite a pain because then the professor has to create two assignments so they can mark the paper up in speed grader and one that goes to Portfolium.

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Community Team
Community Team
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We would find this useful as well. Our faculty are making two assignments, one for markup and one for Portfolium submission. Students wonder why they are submitting twice and instructors sometimes get confused on which one they are grading. We have added (P) in the title of the Portfolium submissions to designate them in the gradebook. One submission would be so much easier. It might also entice more faculty to do Portfolium assignments. They don't want to grade in two places.

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We would like the ability to assess Portfolium assignment submissions using SpeedGrader in Canvas.  For example, if a student is given an Portfolium assignment in Canvas to submit a document, instructors should be able to use SpeedGrader and its tools to grade the submissions using annotation, etc.