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Powerschool SIS Sync Dashboard and Controls

Powerschool SIS Sync Dashboard and Controls


Lots of our platforms allow more control of syncs with our SIS.  We get email notifications if the sync does not go as planned, we can hop into an interface and see details of errors (I know we have this part if there is a sync, but not if there is not), override holds, etc.   

Can Canvas add this?

I feel like this happens a few times a year – some error on our or Canvas' end or a rule on Canvas' end pauses or puts our sync on hold.

I think this is smart in case of errors in what we send, but I want the ability (like many other platforms) to see why it was paused/held and more importantly to override it.

Or at least get a notification if it does not go as expected (email if it is paused, held, or if it error-ed out).



Community Team
Community Team

Hello,‌, would you please add clarifying details to the idea title and description to include:

  • The SIS your school is using (as this functionality would need to be developed in coordination with that partner)
  • Specifics of the "sync": is this idea about an admin syncing enrollment data with Canvas, a teacher syncing grades from a course, or something else?



Thanks, Stephanie.

Our SIS is PowerSchool.
This would be for the sync that handles our provisioning (terms, users, courses, sections, enrollments, etc.).  Dashboard to see errors, email notifications when sis import fails or is paused/held by Canvas.
The grade sync page helps us with grade sync errors, and that is super helpful.  But a notification there as well would be nice.  Email  to teacher if post failed?
Community Team
Community Team

Thanks‌, for providing the clarification; we've opened it for voting on that basis. 

Surveyor II

Agreed that errors in the sync are somewhat hidden unless you know how to dive deeper.  A clearer notification would be helpful!


I just opened a case asking for email notifications whenever a Sync from PowerSchool fails. I was told to come here and look for an idea to vote on. I would very much appreciate this feature to be added. I don't spend my days in Canvas, and when there are a few tickets coming in for Sync issues, I assume they are usually user error. But if I had notification when sync is paused or fails, I could address these issues even before users notice. 

Thank you!