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Pressing Enter when finished

Pressing Enter when finished


Currently when a student is finishes answering a question they must select next question or submit answer button to move onto the next question or end the assignment.   Many of my students would like to enter a answer and be able to press enter key to move to the next question.quizzes.next_new‌

Community Member‌ While I can see the convenience that the implementation of this idea would provide, from a design standpoint, implementation of this could also create problems in that students might accidentally press the enter key prior to completely answering a question, which would then cause issues for both students and instructors.

I can see you point on the idea of accidentally pressing the enter key especially if you select show one question at a time and lock after answering.  Maybe having a option for teachers to select when setting up  the assignment, or even prompt the student with another dialog box asking if they wish to move onto the next section by pressing enter a second time.   Many of my students use devices that only have the mouse pad for movement  and they find it very cumbersome to  always having to select next to continue the assignment.

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that would be a great idea bc im used to pressing enter instead of clicking

Surveyor II

This could create an accessibility challenge for users of assistive technology.  Enter is a keystroke used commonly to switch from reading mode to edit/text entry mode on Web pages.

Adventurer‌, You might not be the right person to ask, but I'm hoping you can direct the right person to this conversation. 

If a student using a screen reader or keyboard only controls is taking a quiz, are there keyboard commands already in place that would satisfy this request? It could be that using the tab key to reach the buttons and then pressing enter or space is the current way to achieve this, but I wanted to check that there wasn't a simpler way.

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Community Coach, unfortunately this isn't my area of expertise. My recommendation would be to post something in the‌ group in the Community and see if they know the answer or can help.


Thanks Kona. Here is where I've posted the question in the Accessibility Group; if/when I get answers I'll post them here in case you can't access the page I've linked.

Surveyor II

I am a user of screen reading software and a Canvas Admin for our institution. I have never heard of any Canvas specific keystrokes for Quizzes. There are Canvas specific keystrokes for navigating through some of the screens in Canvas. However, if the screen reading software already has the keystroke assigned to a function, usually the user has to know to switch off that feature of the screen reading software.

I just tested the instructions provided by Canvas for looking up screen specific shortcuts as a student user taking a quiz:

“If a Canvas screen has keyboard shortcuts on it, you can view the list of shortcuts by pressing the comma key or , which will trigger a popup window with the shortcuts in it. Press the esc key to close the popup window.”

There were no shortcuts within the quiz.

Adventurer‌ had this to say, too:

Hi Michelle, this is something I've been playing with a bit just to better understand accessibility of Canvas quizzes (being pretty new to this LMS as a designer). I may not be understanding the idea proposal correctly, but it seems that this functionality already exists.


For a quiz displaying one question per page: Tabbing through the quiz and just using standard keyboard shortcuts, I've been hitting Enter after selecting an option - that seems to be the easiest way of submitting that answer and moving to the next question.


For a quiz displayed on one page: , You have to tab as normal from one question to the next - hitting Enter doesn't do anything until you hit the end of the quiz (when you tab to the submit button and hit enter). However, you can simply hit the tab key after selecting an answer to move to the next question, which seems to be the same functionality requested in the idea? 


Edit: And here's a resource with more detail on keyboard commands, that might be helpful - it makes it much clearer how a user would navigate a quiz: WebAIM: Keyboard Accessibility 

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I personally like the idea of pressing "Next" because it's about the current question and I have few students that have issues once I tell them what they have to do.  I wished that "next" and "Submit" could be colored codes, (another way to alert students