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Prevent final grade submission to SIS if there are assignments that need attention

Prevent final grade submission to SIS if there are assignments that need attention

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This is an idea for the LTI that submits grades to the SIS PeopleSoft.

We have a problem when our faculty don't catch that they have cells in the gradebook that have dashes OR regrading icons. The final grade the student sees in this event will NOT be the grade that gets submitted to our SIS. So if the instructor fails to check all the grades that Canvas submits to the SIS then the student will get a lower than expected grade, causing all sorts unnecessary communication. Yes, I can (and do) send separate emails with instructions directing faculty to fix the dashes and regrading icons in the gradebook before submission but we still have problems that I think we can be proactive in fixing.

I think it might be helpful to challenge the instructor with a confirmation popup window when they try and submit their grades to the SIS ( IF there are dashes or regrading icons ). It could just be a text box having text saying "We noticed that you have some grades that need attention. The submission to the SIS may be different than what your students see. Are you sure you want to continue? Yes / No". 

That sort of challenge would be very useful in preventing accidental submissions to our PeopleSoft environment.

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Community Team
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This is certainly an issue - and has been an issue was well.  The route of this issue is how Canvas handles "zeros" in the gradebook.  The way they are displayed to the user visually differs from what is actually pushed out to the SIS for grade passback.

I would agree that adding a "Are you sure?" dialog box when any missing grades are detected would be a great way to handle this.

Another possible solution would be to show another grade field to the instructor that has the calculated value that will send to the SIS.  Currently you can see this calculated actual value if you export the grades and look at the CSV data.