Prevent students from seeing “Submission Details” link without a submission

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Currently, students always have access to the “Submission Details” link on an assignment page, even if they don’t have a submission posted. Moreover, this link is visible for non-submitters after the assignment has been locked by the Until feature.

The “Submission Details” should be hidden until a student actually makes a submission. Otherwise, students can ‘unofficially’ submit from the Submission Details page by using the “Attach File” feature of the commenting tool there. In this approach, the student is able to circumvent the Until setting, and they may believe they have officially submitted something to the assignment. Unofficial submissions also cause confusion for instructors.

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This makes so much sense. Please consider as it should be an easy change??

I am hoping our admin will turn on the new assignment enhancement option soon as I think it will make the submission status of assignments clearer for students.