Printing Collective Comments to Aid in Data Collection and Report Cards


As a teacher, I spend a great deal of time writing comments for my students' submissions.  When I have parent conferences, CST's or have to write report cards, I have to individually go through each assignment to see what my comments are.  I want Canvas to be able to generate a report based on a student so I can see the comments I have written over the quarter.  The grades don't tell the full picture.  The comments can better show areas of weakness and strength.  

Thank you.

Eileen Kenna

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Community Team
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This feature is necessary to help construct a narrative for the student at the end of the grading period. I spend time to make sure the feedback is actionable for any given assignment and being able to see patterns that emerge across assignments for a student is also valuable to have. The data is already there so it would be wonderful to access it without having to cut and paste every singe comment for a student in an assignmenet.  

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