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Printing Directly from Canvas

Printing Directly from Canvas

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I am a university student and being able to access everything for school online is both helpful and overwhelming. I have a laptop with very little storage, and I get frustrated every time I have to print a document uploaded to Canvas because it requires me downloading it and finding it in my files. In previous school years, my school used Google Classroom, which allows you to print posted documents of common formats (doc, docx, pdf, png, etc) directly from the site without having to download it to your computer. Adding this to Canvas would greatly simplify things for me, and I'm sure many other students as well.

Community Team
Community Team
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I was about to suggest the same idea. My school used to be on Blackboard, and the ability to print directly is one of the disadvantages that came with switching to Canvas. Developing this feature would really help students. Please consider moving forward in adding this feature.



I am a high school student and I feel like adding a print button directly in Canvas would be beneficial to all students that print out class materials without having to download it first.