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Private Messaging in class chat for students

Private Messaging in class chat for students


                                                                  Private Messaging Idea  

   My English class currently has an assignment that requires two students to review each other's work, fill out a checklist pertaining to their piece and submit it to them. I believe it would be more convenient to private message a student through the class chat to discuss while working one on one with them. It seems rather time-consuming to email back and forth, furthermore attaching files to emails is rather an annoyance. It would be pretty simple to be able to send them a message in the chat option without the whole class viewing it. I believe Peer assignments would go a lot smoother and might be more of an engagement between students to have that chat option.

Thanks for considering.


This feature is necessary to avoid having to use multiple applications to complete group assignments. Providing students a chat option would help keep all the work in one place and also helps minimize security issues. I would rather communicate through Canvas to ensure that we can keep a record of the conversation. This also ensures that we have our classmate's correct contact information. 


This would be a very useful addition to chat.  I would like to see teacher-to-student and student-to-teacher private chat enabled by default, and student-to-student private chat be enabled/disabled by a teacher setting.