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I have heard that "New quizzes" will be replacing "Old quizzes" at a certain point. I have some serious concerns with this because I've found that "New quizzes" are much less user-friendly than "Old quizzes." My 3 main issues with "New Quizzes" are the following:

1. New quizzes don't give partial credit for "matching" questions like "Old quizzes" do when students successfully match some of the answers, but not others. This may be true with other question types as well; I haven't used "new quizzes" enough to know because of the problems I experienced with them.

2. New quizzes don't send out reminders that grades need to be adjusted when students redo the assignment for more points like "old quizzes" do. When I've used them, students had to tell me that they redid an assignment and needed me to update their grade.

3. I've had problems with "new quizzes" not sending the correct grade to "Skyward" - our district's grading program. Even though I have them set to send over the "highest" score, occassionally I have students inform me that a different score has been sent. This doesn't self-adjust when grades are automatically sent the next day. I have to go in and do it myself, and it only affects some grades and not others. I've never had this issue with assignments on "old quizzes."

4. Almost all of my assignments are built using "old quizzes." If I'm mandated to switch over to "new quizzes," I'm going to be extremely upset at having to redo so many assignments. Unless there is an easy way to transfer one form to another, there are going to be a bunch of ticked off teachers out there.

If these issues have been addressed: Excellent! If not, then they NEED to be fixed before any switch is mandated. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback, @BradAllred . We hope you'll join the conversation with the product manager for New Quizzes in the  New Quizzes Users Group  and search through existing ideas to support (a search for New Quizzes will reveal active conversations for each of the points you've raised) after reading through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing idea prompts for the Idea Conversations forum.