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Right now you can see your progress in individual classes. Our school would be greatly benefited by allowing students to monitor their own progress in a Welding, Nursing programs etc. That is something that we are going to look at for our school website but I wanted also to suggest that Canvas Developers consider this feature for Canvas since it is used by so many schools. For instance, High School students that attend our technical college are working at a program for years not just a trimester. For them to be able to see their progress and know where they are, is teaching the student to take responsibility for their education. It would be highly motivating for students to see that progress in a program grow over time and would increase their likelihood of completing it. The progress of the individual class ( when completed) would have to be added to another level/place in Canvas that could be custom fit to the individual schools since all our programs are different. I hope this helps. I would appreciate comments from individuals with expertise in this area as to how to develop this ourselves or from anyone on the Canvas development team.

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Hi,  @kathyh . There may be something your school can look into now. Check out this related discussion Master Grade Report.

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In our university, we are looking for something that allows students to monitor their progress in a course. I mean, not only to check the modules they've already completed, but something more detailed. Something like, for example: to check the time they spend in a module or page, times they visited a page, graphs showing their grades over time, hours a month they spend in the course, and so on. I think this kind of functionality is more important right now, because of the new learning behaviors the pandemic is enforcing. I think the online learning the students are facing right now gives them more responsibility for their own education. So, in that sense: the students need more and better ways to monitor their own progress.

And to be more specific, it would be great if Canvas Developers allow students to access the "New Analytics" functionality to see their own data. Or maybe a new functionality to monitor progress could be created, only for the students.

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At our school we are also looking for a functionality that allows the student to keep track of their development in the course.

I agree with the colleague @dlopeztassara. It would be great if the students could access New Analytics or some functionality to monitor the progress itself.

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@marcelo_noce I'm glad to tell you that I found a way to allow students to access New Analytics. I don't know why there is no documentation about it... or at least I never found it.


Anyway, you can allow students to access "New Analytics" and check their own progress, by adding a new item to the modules of a course, then select "External tool", and then select "New Analytics". And that's it.


But, be aware that "New Analytics" shows 48 hours (or so) delayed data. So, if the student uses it when there isn't any data about him or her from two or more days ago, they will see an error message. But if the student interacts with the course, after that time the error message will dissapear.


I hope this could help. Anyway, I still think that the students need something more detailed to track their progress.

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