Provide 3rd (or more) hierarchical/granular levels of due dates


With cross listed sections, an instructor can not effectively give an individual student a different, earlier due/available/until dates if they assign due dates by section.


  1. Instructor has crosslisted ENG-999-A (10am MWF), ENG-999-B (2pm MWF), and ENG-999-C (4pm TTH) into a single Canvas course, ENG 999 A,B,C
  2. Instructor publishes an Assignment and has it set so A section has it due at date/time1, B section is due at date/time2, and C section is due at date/time3.
  3. Suzy is in section C. She individually needs to be assigned earlier dates.
    In the Assignment settings, if you try Assign her individually, the due/available/until dates are not honored if those dates occur before her section dates. 

Canvas support says Canvas is to allow 2 "levels" of due dates. "Everyone" in the Canvas course is the first level. Her crosslisted section is the second level. that means there is no 3rd level for the individual student. Canvas uses the later date of the two levels, according to Canvas support. In a situation where there is a 3rd date for the individual (because the interface will allow the instructor to add it) it applies the latest dates

If the individual dates set happen to come later than the section dates, then things work out. But if Suzy's need to be assigned a time/date earlier than her section, then it does not work.

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Yes, much needed. Until Instructure can change this functionality, I would like them to create a pop-up warning to appear to faculty who try to use "Assign to" in this manner, to let them know it is not going to work as expected. 

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REF: Case # 06672118

I agree that this issue is problematic-- in that subgroups of Sections cannot be treated as "full-fledged" entities.  "Everyone" is the first level, Sections are the second-level, and subgroups of Sections at the third-level.

Subgroups of Sections (the third-level) do not resolve to entities to which assignments that would contain individualized content, availability, or deadlines which differ from the "parent" Section.

It seems like this might be something that could be fixed which would IMPROVE how Canvas works for larger classes.

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This is a feature that needs to be in place for courses that rely heavily on cross-listing sections.

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