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Provide a Time Limit to Media Recording Assignment Submissions

Provide a Time Limit to Media Recording Assignment Submissions


For Online Assignment => Media Recording Submission  -- have the ability to put a time limit for the recordings submitted by students.

This came up during our Canvas Bootcamp, and we have a LOT of Elementary Teachers who are learning Canvas, and Media Recording submissions will likely be used a lot with the little ones. Being able to enter a time limit will be helpful.

From a teacher:  "For video submissions can you place a time limit, as you can in Flipgrid?"

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This would be very helpful - especially for younger Canvas users who might be inclined to record very long audio/video answers.

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I agree with Joanna!  Some love to keep on going! 

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Great idea!  My class will record like they are making a YouTube video.  

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Yes! I agree. This would be amazing and so helpful for our K-2 students.

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Great idea! It will be helpful!

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It will be great for my second graders! 🙂

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Great feature! Especially for teachers who, like me, have 30+ students. 

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This would be very helpful. 

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I think a time limit on videos would help not only with upload time but also with any streaming issues one might face. 

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This is an great idea to allow teachers to put a time limit on videos. I like the idea of being able to control the length for those who would do too short of a submission and those who would be tempted to go on and on. 

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This would be very, very helpful to me. 

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Yes, allow teachers to set the time limit as well! 


Agreed!  My high school modern language teachers would like this feature as well!

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Yes please

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Love it

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I think that this is a great idea.  It would help the instructor better define parameters like on a paper submission that has a word limitation or word minimum (your paper should be at least 500 words).  The instructor could define a time parameter (your video should be at least five minutes) and then prevent uploading media that is too short.

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Yes! That would be just amazing!

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I also would concur that this is a great idea. We often have students who do way to long of videos and then have issues uploading. Being able to set a limit for media or recordings were done in Studio would be a huge help! 

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I want to be able to add a time limit for an assignment with submission type Online Entry, Media Recording. I would like to have options such as, 30 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min, 2 min, unlimited.