Provide student analytics at course level, not just assignment.

It would be good to have analytics for the student at the course-level, not just the assignment.  E.g. Student A is in the 95%ile for the class, Student B is in 25%ile, etc.  Would enable us to see which students are in trouble, etc.  Also make this information available via API, DW, etc.


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Hey  @rubyn ​ thank you for taking the time to write up this feature idea.

We do currently have analytics for the student at the course level. But it is rather basic and as you pointed out, it does not offer percentile comparison data at the course level, like we do offer on an individual assignment basis. Here are some guide articles about Course Analytics that may be helpful for you or others wondering what type of data you can get from our course analytics, out of the box:

Some basic data can also be pulled using the API, as noted here: Canvas LMS REST API Documentation

In summary, I think you have a great case here and there is a feature idea that your comment would fit well within -  

This feature idea is already up for voting right now and we'd like to channel all requests relating to improving the Course Analytics to that feature request. I suggest you copy+paste your suggestion in the comments over on that thread, and in the meantime we will Archive this idea to focus all attention on that existing thread.

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Thank you, I added it as a comment in that thread. Please keep me posted

on its progress.

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Hi Everyone - Since (old) Student Analytics will not be built out further, Instructure's Product Team decided to archive this idea. Thank you for your contributions!