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Provide students with option to pin or bookmark a page in a module

Provide students with option to pin or bookmark a page in a module


Students need a way to pin (or perhaps bookmark) where they are leaving off in a module so they can quickly return to that location on subsequent login.


This previously posted idea Bookmark is interesting and would seem to me to be beneficial if it could be incorporated into a solution as well. I see value in the added benefit of being able to bookmark pages you wish to return to for any reason.


There is a bookmark option in the Android Mobile App How do I bookmark content in the Canvas app on my Android device? I see benefit in applying this concept to all versions of Canvas.


Please note that I am identifying a problem but am not suggesting a specific solution. I trust the Product Management team will determine the best manner to implement a solution to the problem. I think it would be interesting for others to comment with recommendations of how this might look in the product.

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you so much for your resubmission of

Your idea will open for vote March 2nd.

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This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. March 2, 2016 - Wed. June 1, 2016.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works!

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I had an idea that I posted here that would highlight a user's last activity on the module screen. I imagine it looking something like this:


original idea posted here:


I love"s idea as well.

Another student suggestion I received recently was for the current module (with assignment due dates this week) to display (like a bookmark) when selecting modules from the course menu eliminating the need to scroll each time you return.

These different ideas to help students quickly locate where they left off or the current coursework they should be focusing on reinforce the need for functionality. Regardless of how it is determined to be programmed the function will be appreciated.

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My idea is up for voting if you would please take a minute and do so.

Last item accessed indicator for students and teachers

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185679_pastedImage_6.pngWe appreciate you, and the submission of your idea. Your dialogue helps our product teams prioritize feature development. Unfortunately, this idea has been archived because it did not meet the 100-vote threshold within the 3-month voting period. Learn more at: How does the voting process work for feature ideas?

Can archived ideas still become a feature?  Potentially, yes. Archived ideas can be resubmitted by Community members. As people’s needs change, previously submitted ideas may gain additional traction. Feature ideas are evaluated as a whole and influence product direction.

Community Team
Community Team

This idea is one of the lucky ones that was selected to get a little more time for voting as part of our evolution of the feature idea process. It was selected because of it's vote count and/or comment thread.

*Selection criteria: Most (not all) ideas that received 70+ votes in their initial voting round.

Soooo... After Biray Seitz says, "Sorry, no cigar."... then, Renee Carney says, "Well, maybe. We're giving this one a little extra voting time."

What does that mean? Smiley Happy

Is this issue still alive? (Just this week I had a faculty member request this functionality.)

Thx for any info.


Community Team
Community Team‌, this idea is still open for voting at this writing. For the latest update on what did and didn't make the cut, please refer to 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I believe this would be a good idea.  In my fully online classes, the number of pages can get quite long as I try and use different pages to chunk concepts and reduce the amount of scrolling required.  While I have not had anyone complain, I am sure that they would like to bookmark where they left off.  There is content they would have to continue to visit throughout the module (discussion questions for example), but this would be particularly beneficial in my classes for content pages.