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Publish / Unpublish ALL Option

Publish / Unpublish ALL Option

Instead of having to click every single item in a long list to Publish or Unpublish them all, it would save a lot of time if we had the option to "Publish All" or "Unpublish All". It would be even slicker if we could select or highlight a large group of multiple items (though not necessarily all of them) to publish or unpublish all at once.
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Why does the unpublished module button not work within the modules? For instance 5.01, 5.02, 5.03, 5.04. If I only want 5.01 to show instead of all modules. I have to uncheck each page and assignment. When I hit unpublish for 5.02-5.04 is there a way to do this without having to uncheck each page and assignment?

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I am a new user of Canvas, and I was surprised that you have to click every single item in a long list to Publish or Unpublish all of them. I hope the option to "Publish All" or "Unpublish All" will be available as soon as possible. It will save time and make it very convenient for instructors, especially when they copy a course shell at the beginning of a semester to unpublish all.


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This would be very helpful. These bulk actions are no-brainers. 

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Yes, please. This has been an "idea" for years with no progress? I just imported my spring 2021 course into my spring 2022 course and I want the modules published but nothing inside them. It's a very tedious process to unpublish them, especially because hitting unpublish makes me also choose if I'd truly like to unpublish them or just make it so you must have a link or scheduled availability. 

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@foreverlaur and anybody else who is interested 🙂

I may have found the answer (provided it's not in the 100+ responses)!

Go to the Files page, click on the first document, and it should be highlighted/selected.

Next, scroll down to to the bottom of the page, hold the SHIFT key, and click on the last document. They should all be highlighted/selected.

Scroll back to the top and selected Manage Access, the cloud with a key, which is next to View.

Select the button next to Unpublish (it should be filled in blue), and finally select Update.

It worked for me, and I hope it works for you!



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@CarlaBywaters thank you for sharing this trick! I learned something new. This thread is for unpublishing all content in modules - were you able to find something for that issue? Right now we can publish the module and all the content with one click, however, there is no option to UNpublish the module and all the content in it with one click. Teachers have to click each individual item. It would be great if teachers were able to "select all" as you described! 🙂

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I've been waiting for this "feature" (unpublish all or mass unpublish) ever since my campus started using Canvas.  I'm surprised to see this idea dates back 5+ years here and we still don't have the capability.

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I have modules with a lot of materials carried over from previous terms. I want to publish the modules, but not all the contents because I haven't edited anything. It would be nice to have more ability to select what gets published instead of every single item in the module going live. I hope students aren't getting a notification for all of those things that I then have to rush to unpublish... 

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Yep!  Keep this one going, we definitely need this feature.  

Interesting that a couple of ideas that seem like huge needs have been around for many years.  😕 


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We have faculty still asking for this as well. Some of them have literally hundreds of links from third-party integrations that import just a ton of separate links, so while it doesn't seem like a big deal for faculty who create their own content, those importing lots of content should have this options.

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Would love an 'unpublish/publish all' button at the top of each module.  It is painful to unpublish all  components in a module; especially since some of my unit modules have 30-40 items.  I like to have items for future days UNPUBLISHED and hidden from students at the top of my module.  This way, students see published work of the day at the top.  They have come to appreciate this system (along with me setting requirements so they get that symbol when complete) , so I continue to put in the time to do this.  I don't know why, but each time I copy over or import a module, the whole set is published.  An unpublish all button would be appreciated for this and also solve the gradebook issues mentioned previously.  

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Has there been any movement on this issue? This would be greatly appreciated!

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This is one of the most annoying shortcomings in Canvas. Publishing a module publishes everything, but unpublishing it does not unpublish all the content. I waste so much time after copying modules between courses laboriously unpublishing - with two clicks needed for files.


Does anybody at Instructure read these comments?

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I would love to see this feature. This is the first time I've fully copied a course from last year, and while the course copy feature works great, I have to go in and manually unpublish everything for four different classes. At a minimum, it would be great if unpublishing a module would unpublish everything in the module, especially since publishing a module results in publishing everything in the module.

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Hope this feature gets added soon! Disappointing to see that this is still an idea since 2016.  

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We desperately need a way to publish or unpublish in bulk. 

It is incredibly time-consuming to have to unpublish every single thing in a module individually. It is mystifying as to why this isn't already a feature. It seems really basic, doesn't it?

It would be fantastic if we could (with a single click) complete all of the following:

a) publish everything in a module all at once [we can do this already]

b) unpublish everything in a module all at once

c) publish or unpublish a selection of items in a module in batches