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Push Notifications in Canvas Parent app for Communication

Push Notifications in Canvas Parent app for Communication

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I recently learned that push notifications are only available in the Android Parent app for assignment and event reminders, not announcements or Inbox messages.  The app gives the parents the opportunity to turn on alerts for the following:  course/assignment grades above/below a certain threshold, missing assignments, Course Announcements, and Institution Announcements.  However, these alerts only appear in the Alerts tab of the app once the app is opened.  The app should provide push notifications for any communication (Announcements or Inbox messages) in addition to any alerts the parent has chosen to receive.  Additionally the default for these communication notifications should be "on" rather than the parent having to go in and turn on the announcement notifications.

Community Team
Community Team
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The Canvas Parent App also needs to allow parents to set notifications from the app without having to login to a browser.

Additionally - the SIS data import for Observers should allow us to include Phone Numbers for those parents who do not have an app enabled smart phone but would like to receive text message updates.

Parents should then have the ability to turn on notifications based on email, app notifications or SMS.