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Push alert / notification for an update to a page in Commons

Push alert / notification for an update to a page in Commons

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 Afeature notifying users that have either downloaded a course or favorited one that an update has been made to it. 

maybe a push notification of the option to push update or an actual push of new content?

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation


Thanks for sharing this idea. We've opened it for general conversation as a request to add a new external notification that would accompany the functionality described in How do I view updates to resources I previously imported from Commons? (instructors can see notification updates in their Commons notifications center).

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I came to the Canvas Community to see if it is possible to automatically notify folks that have downloaded a module from the Commons of any updates to the module. It sounds like this is not yet a feature, so I would like to add my vote here for Canvas to work on this.

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I really like that idea of a push notification or something like that!  At my school we create modules that many on campus download from Canvas Commons but when we make updates to those modules over time, they don't know that the module has been updated and keep using an old one.  Since we don't know who has downloaded our modules, it would be great if Canvas had a way to let them know like via email or like earlier mentioned a push notification. 

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This would be very helpful for users who create content to share widely. 

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