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I would really like to change the way questions from a question bank are added to a quiz.


I have tons of question banks, with dozens of questions in each question bank. But it is pretty difficult to see which exact question is being added. In the quiz, I click on Find Questions, and the window that pops up is very small. It has resize arrows, but they don't actually make more text visible! I still have to scroll through the same tiny area. This window can't display the full text of most questions, so I can't really tell which one is being added to the quiz. I end up just adding a bunch of extra questions to the quiz, then removing some.


Another issue is that from Find Questions, I see the question banks for multiple courses! With all my question banks that is way too much! I only want it to show the question banks that I specifically imported to that course. Anything else is no good!


What I would love to be able to do is view a question bank, and select from it the specific questions I want to be added to a quiz. The only place to get a good view of questions is when viewing them in the question bank. On a quiz it will only display details if there are 20 or less questions! But all details are visible at the question bank. Plus I can see everything in a larger size, and read the entire question and its answers, which is impossible using Find Questions.


I know there are "New Quizzes" and "Old Quizzes" but I don't know which my institution uses, or even if it makes a difference for this issue.

Someone, do you understand this? Do you see that using question banks is not user-friendly right now? Is this on the list of future changes?


Is there any other way to add questions to a quiz, without using Find Questions?


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Let's start with some of your last comments regarding Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes.  From your descriptions I can tell that you are using Classic Quizzes.  In New Quizzes Question Banks have been replaced by Item Banks and generally speaking they are easier to manage and pull into a quiz.  Along those some lines, for the most part Canvas is not doing any further development with Classic quizzes, so while your points and frustrations are valid I don't know that changes within Classic Quizzes to address them will happen.

Having said that I have at least a few suggestions.  You say that when you click to Find Questions it's showing all of your Question Banks and you only want to see the ones in that course.  The default behavior in Classic Quizzes in this case is to only show question banks in that class AND any questions banks you have Bookmarked.  Try this, in your course go to Manage Question banks and click the View Bookmarked Banks button on the right.  Any banks listed here will always show when you click the Find button to add questions.  To unbookmark a bank, click the icon to the right of it so that the X goes away.  If you unbookmark them all, then the only one which will show are the ones actually in the course you are working on. 

With New Quizzes and the use of Item Banks this does change and I'm not sure you will like it.  Item Banks are tied to individual users instead of courses so you will always see all of your item banks when adding from them.  However, these Item Banks show more details, are searchable, and even have filtering options now for question type and tags. 

I'd suggest you talk to one of your local Canvas Admins to figure out how your school is planning to roll out New Quizzes and when.  At my school we have them enabled so instructors can choose to use New Quizzes if they want, but have not done any sort of large push yet.  Some schools are still blocking instructors from using them yet and some others have already moved fully to New Quizzes.  So it's a little difficult to advise you on that aspect without knowing how your school is handling it.  






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