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Quick access to Gradebook

Quick access to Gradebook


I am a music teacher K-6th. I have 470 students on canvas. I have been able to merge my sections into 3rd-6th grade and K-2nd grade. They way my school imported classes from Skyward shows the same class code for all students so I cannot see which class I'm working with.

BUT my IDEA is.... inside the inbox when a student messages me a submission for an assignment outside of the regular submission type if I click on the students name as the sender of the e-mail nothing happens. It would be amazing to be able to quickly pull up the students info and grade book by clicking on the sender. Now I have to go back and find which class is hers because my school didn't import it right. 

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Surveyor II

I second this idea. When students message me to ask about grades I would love to see a link to their gradebook/info from the inbox.