Quiz Retake - earn 1/2 credit for correcting previously incorrect questions.


Canvas should develop the option for teachers to allow students to retake a quiz and for those students to get 1/2 (or partial) credit for correcting any incorrect questions they had from the 1st attempt.  The resulting higher score would then replace the lower score from the fist attempt.    

Community Team
Community Team
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Community Team
Community Team

A similar idea opened, without the retake "maximum point" applied -- Attempt Missed Questions on New Quizzes 

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Is there a way to add a feature that would allow restrictions for grading on the 2nd attempt in a new quiz? For example, we have created a quiz for each of our homework assignments, and allow one redo for corrections. We would like to be able to set the highest grade they can receive on the 2nd attempt to be a 70 to follow our grading policy.

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Yes please!

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A feature on Canvas that teachers can open in which students are allowed to redo/correct only the questions they missed on a quiz. Then the Canvas regrades it by giving them half of the original points back for correct answers. 

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