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Quiz/Test close times

Quiz/Test close times

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It should NOT be the case that the Canvas system trumps an instructor’s time allotment on a quiz or test.  When I state an ‘until’ date/time, the system should stop students from beginning the quiz/test after that point, but it should NOT shut it down on a student who is still working and is still within the allotted time. 

The current system has the potential to be very confusing for a student.  They have to calculate backwards in order to be certain that they give themselves an adequate amount of time.  While this should, in theory, be well within their capabilities, it’s just one more step they have to deal with as they prepare to take a test. 

It seems to me that it would a fairly easy programming change on your part, to alter that one aspect of the testing system.

When I worked with Blackboard, the ‘until’ time was a ‘latest start’ time.  In addition, the system NEVER shut down on a student who was in the middle of taking a test, EVEN if they worked beyond the allotted time.  It would simply report the issue and leave it up to the instructor to decide what to do.  THAT IS EXACTLY HOW IT SHOULD BE.  A system such as Canvas should NEVER be able to make a decision not granted to it by the instructor.

I sincerely hope this will addressed in the near future!

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Community Team
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I am the canvas support admin at our campus, and a teacher brought up some concerns about the Quiz Clock the student sees during a quiz suggesting it was inaccurate.  Looking at the data I was able to determine she was correct.   The Canvas Quiz clock the student views during a timed quiz can be  inaccurate and lead them to believe that they have more time left on the quiz then they really have.  An example of this is when you use the until date on a quiz.  The until date will override all settings and submit the quiz at this date.  For example, student starts a quiz 30 minutes late.  The instructor has availability date at 8:00.  Both the due and until date as 10:00 with a 2 hour time limit.  In this case the student saw 30 minutes left on the quiz clock when it was automatically submitted at 10:00.  Working with Canvas support, this is the intended behavior with the until date.  I would like to see the Quiz Clock reflect this setting and show the correct time left.