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Quiz with a Pass/Fail-type threshold

Quiz with a Pass/Fail-type threshold


In a pass/fail quiz, students would need to get a certain number of questions correct to earn full points.  For example, a Quiz that has 10 questions is either worth 75 points or 0 points at the end of the day. If students get 8 or more correct, they earn 75 points. If they get 7 or fewer correct, they earn 0 points (Thanks @Katie Maxon for the example). This could be used in conjunction with multiple attempts or with single attempt options, depending on the needs of the instructor.

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I would love this feature in Canvas. My current grading system is "specfications grading," known by other names, too, whereby students don't earn points but complete (or do not complete) requirements. However, I currently include quizzes, which Canvas insists on grading by points and percentages. So a student in my class who has passed 9/10 quizzes but not completed any other requirements sees their grade in Canvas as 90% and feels great, while the quizzes are only one component and s/he may in fact not be passing the course. This has been very confusing for students and frustrating for me. It would be great if we could control this. 

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please do this

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Highly supported! This is in high demand at our institution and your competition do have this in place. 

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Piling on support for this requirement! An automated solution would be perfect for my pre-assessments where I want to challenge the students, but not stress them out about their grade...I would think that implementing flexibility in allowing CANVAS users to create/choose grading schemes for quizzes would optimal.

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This would be helpful for introduction to the course quizzes where a student should get everything correct. Let students take it over until it is passing (or all correct). 

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This would be very helpful for people that are using threshold grading which is gaining popularity in HE.

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Yes, please add this feature. It would be best for me if the students see complete/incomplete and then it exported as 1 or zero, or some other system in Grades.

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I also am interested in this.

Having this option for pass / fail, would go great with the existing 'alignment of outcome to question bank' because, let's say of the questions pass / correct, a few of those were aligned to course goal 1 and course goal 2... then the instructor can look in learning mastery gradebook to see which ideas are mastered and which are not (in contrast to the 'failed' questions).

Currently, when I tried setting up quiz with random assortment of questions from question bank and also add outcome mastery to it ---- the score reported in learning mastery gradebook is working ---- however, it unfortunately also uses the same score as the final quiz score. So I have to override the final quiz score using fudge points in quiz speedgrader---- very time consuming! :).

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Yes please! This would be marvelous. Please add!

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Love this idea as an automated feature.