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Quizzes.Next Categorization Points

Quizzes.Next Categorization Points



When students sort their answers into categories, the points awarded for the question are all or nothing. So if a student has 14/15 sorted correctly, the student earns zero points. It would be great to be able to tie the point value to the number of items sorted correctly. That would mean that a student who sorted 14/15 correctly could earn 14 points for that question.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hugely frustrating this feature and does not inspire confidence in students where they see a zero score and not partial credit. I am forever told by students that either Canvas or I have "marked it wrong"

Particularly annoying where you are reviewing a particular concept with multiple answers eg Charges on ions in Chemistry and you want to be able to check for particular misconcepts. Also frustrating as similar feature in other quiz engines does not have this issue.

Have a feeling that the partial credit feature is not available for other question types too eg Matching?

Learner II

Yes, this new categorization question can be crafted to a higher level of learning assessment so I was excited to see it at first BUT it's not as valuable being all or nothing as you are restricted to keeping it simple knowing the grading scheme and not wanting a student to score poorly on an assessment because of one missed part.  If it were partial credit it would have much more usability for instructors to add more distractors and make it a more difficult question.


Community Member

Would definitely like to see this change made: we're struggling to find any question forms where we can award partial credit at the moment - if it was optional on this and Multiple Answer, that would really be ideal.

Learner II‌ if you haven't already seen it, there is now an "option" for Multiple Answer questions to allow the partial scoring in the same way as in classic quizzes.

Crossing my fingers Categorization and Matching :smileyalert: will be changed in the future as well.


Community Member

Excelletn! Thanks Melanie hadn't spotted that - that's what we've ideally been wanting, and have been trying all the other types to try to get around it Smiley Happy


This is a major issue. I am new to canvas and just used this function for my first quiz... and did not realize 1 wrongly classified answer (of 12) would eliminate points for the whole question for students. I have never assigned partial credit. This is very frustrating for instructors and, especially for students. Please find a way to create a check off box that we can select so that each item properly categorized earns points. Grrrrrrrrrr. Thank you!

Surveyor II

fix this!