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Quizzes.Next Quiz Settings - Limited Time to Review Quiz Questions After Submission

Quizzes.Next Quiz Settings - Limited Time to Review Quiz Questions After Submission


This idea would allow the ability for instructors who are wanting to open up prior quizzes for a review for the upcoming test but later restrict access not only to the answers but also the questions. This idea would allow quiz integrity and security.

The current workaround is a little labor intensive to manually uncheck the, "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" when you could just set a date.

I propose a change that would look like something close to the image below. 

Proposed Change to add a hide quiz question option to the quiz details under "Let students see their quiz responses..."

Community Team
Community Team‌, the ideas to which you've linked are sitting in Cold Storage, which is a Community space to which not everyone has--or wants--access. Could you rewrite the description (by editing the idea) so that it encompasses the essence of what the archived ideas originally requested? That will make it easier for our members to know what they're evaluating, and therefore easier to vote on your idea. Smiley Happy

Learner II I have updated the description. I hope that is better. Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team

Much better, thanks,!

Learner II

Hello snugent‌, I see that you created a similar idea like this shy of two years ago. I was wondering if I could get your vote up for this. 

Lamplighter II

Thank you‌ for the heads up. This is ongoing frustration for our faculty. I spend too much time explaining the options to feedback release. As it stands now it is too confusing for faculty and doesn't offer them the options they want. Deactivated user‌ please tell us QuizzesNext will have more release options. 


We are working on it. It will be a feature that evolves as we release our tools.

Surveyor II

Kari, we were just having this discussion with our faculty that we NEED this. Thank you for putting it out there. Great minds think alike!


We have some similar concerns and needs for more robust quiz result release and created a slightly different feature idea that might interest many here: 


It's 2020, and we not only need to be able to limit the amount of time students can see correct answers on a New Quiz, but also be able to only allow the student to see the responses once. If we don't have this feature, so many of our instructors will be frustrated because Classic Quizzes had this function.