Quizzes.Next add IP for testing labs


In the old quizzes, instructors could select an IP range associated with a testing lab. An admin could give the testing lab a name with the appropriate IP addresses for that lab.

For example: they could click the Find option and select "Testing Center" for IP filter.

Now with quizzes.next, the only option is for the instructor to add a range of IP numbers themselves that they probably won't know or feel comfortable doing.

Can we add that option to select "Testing Center" back to ##quizzes.next‌ ?

Thanks much.Smiley Happy


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Instructure Alumni

Thank you for submitting this idea,  @lbarratt1 ‌. The related discussion can be found at https://community.canvaslms.com/message/107923-institutional-ip-address-filter in the Quizzes.Next User Group‌.

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Thank you Stefanie for helping to post this where it is needed. The more votes the better.

I can see where there could be a lot of confusion and errors for faculty having to type in IP ranges instead of just selecting "Testing Lab" like they are used to.


Leona 🙂

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Yes, this was just brought to our attention by the people in our two testing labs each that use a pool of 100 IP addresses.

Also, it was mentioned that there is currently no setting for IP restrictions on "view answers" in Quizzes.Next.

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Instructure Alumni

Hello all,

I've responded to the associated discussion (https://community.canvaslms.com/thread/24295-institutional-ip-address-filter ) and am cross-posting here to share the same information.


I think this was not previously acknowledged as a point of consideration for parity and is something that the shift to becoming an LTI tool has made more difficult to overcome. This post has helped start the process of exploring a good solution. This will need to go through the same process as other functionality, so I won't have an update for some time, but this post has gotten my attention.



Kevin Dougherty

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I am purposefully cross-replying to this. Has any action be taken on this, the ability for a Canvas admin to create allowed IP addresses ahead-of-time in "New Quizzes"/Quizzes.Next?

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It's almost been a year since a comment was made on this -- we need to have the same IP filter selecting functions as in Classic Quizzes. This is extremely important to not confuse my teachers and to reduce errors in typing -- IP addresses are long!

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