Re-order the To Do List

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I'd like to give both faculty and students the option to re-order the items on their To Do list in terms of their personal priority. As an instructor (and I assume a student) we have the option to remove an item from the list, but not re-order them. 

For an example: 
I would like to be able to set the order of my to-do list based on the grading needs and which need to be turned around the quickest. 
As students, they should have the ability to prioritize assignments for classes in the order they need to be completed based on their own schedule and demands, not <only> based on submission deadline.

An additional benefit would be the option to "pin" or "star" assignments with priority levels (high, standard, and low) for increased visibility. 

As someone with ADHD, the giant list of in-progress work can be incredibly difficult to process, and I end up being repetitive and creating my own list in terms of priority, which defeats the purpose of the feature. 

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I've had instructors ask me about this one several times. This would especially help us since our competency-based model makes it so the faculty has several courses and several items on their to-do list. It would be nice to have it arranged by date submitted as well.

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I like this idea.  The idea of quick pinning items or starring them so that they stay on the top of the to-do list would be really useful.

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I totally agree with this idea! I wrote a post yesterday discussing a similar topic, which a staff member moved to the comment section of this post. Here is my post from yesterday:

I'm a college student, and I use Canvas's Dashboard in List View in order to see upcoming assignments and more effectively allocate my time. However, sometimes my professors create items that are not useful to me and that clutter up my Dashboard. Currently, I have professors who have created repeating calendar events that contain Zoom links for each class period. I am attending these classes in person, so under most circumstances these links are of no use to me.

I would like to suggest that a method of hiding certain items from List View be added. To be clear, I do not mean simply marking items as complete. Completed items remain on List View and still contribute to unnecessary clutter. Students should be able to customize their Dashboard so that they are only given information they need and have a more streamlined experience. With this feature, students could hide both individual items and sets of repeating calendar events. Students would still be able to access these hidden items within their Course pages. Doing this could also remove items from the To-Do List, decluttering that as well.

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I would like to be able to drag items around in the To Do list - I would like to put them in the order in which I want to grade them, rather than have them simply ordered by submission date. 

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I really like the idea of a flexible to-do list. As a student, the overall feature is a great tool, that allows me to navigate multiple classes easily. Along with being able to rearrange, it would be helpful if we could add assignments to the to-do list. Sometimes teachers will not put a do-date on an assignment and thus it will not show up on the to-do list. This is incredibly frustrating and when there are multiple assignments with no date, you start to become concerned you might miss something. First I wish every teacher would put even a tentative date in place. However, if the to-do list allowed you to add assignments to it, this could save a lot of stress. Possibly even add the feature of a student adding their own unofficial do date.