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ReCaptcha Option in Self Registration

ReCaptcha Option in Self Registration

This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta  How do I access the Canvas beta environment?

For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-09-23)


With the Self Registration turned on, we have found that it is very easy for fake accounts to be created by bots that are floating out in the wild. If there was the required use of a ReCaptcha within the account creation process, i believe this would help alleviate the issue.

Pete Kesselring

Surveyor II

Hi Paul, we are struggling with hundreds of fake accounts daily. Please share if you find a solution while we are waiting for Canvas to develop this. 

Learner II

We're having trouble keeping up with these fake bot accounts. We're getting takedown notices almost monthly now for the illegal content they are creating in ePortfolios. They're getting more sophisticated and we don't even see them in ePortfolio moderation anymore. Please enable recaptcha on the registration page!

Explorer II