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Reassign button: add change due/closed date

Reassign button: add change due/closed date

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I have just discovered the "Reassign" button. Can we consider adding another functions?

With the "reassign" button, either allow instructor to change due & close date for that specific student, or bump the due/close date automatically to X days after current date (allow instructor to set X somewhere).

Use case: Often I grade after the assignment has closed (not accepting submission). Using the reassign button, I'm not sure if the due date would be automatically changed for students; so if the assignment is closed, I have to manually edit the assignment and change the due date for that individual.

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Community Team
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If the assignment is closed (lock date passed) can Canvas automatically add x days?  Perhaps 2 or 3 is a good place to start.

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So most people do not grade an assignment until after the due date has passed.  I am still trying to figure out this reassign feature (watched the new feature video which was not much help). I'm wondering how the student can actually resubmit this assignment if the assignment has already closed?  What good is this if they cannot resubmit (since the due date has passed) and how is it helpful if I have to go back to the assignment, and reset assignment dates per student?  (If I have this all wrong then please, please, please let me know how this really works!)

Therefore, this function must be given the ability to set a new due date when using the reassign feature, otherwise, I'm not sure how useful it is.  I love the idea, it just doesn't seem like it has been completed or maybe I am missing something...

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I had this problem today. I told a student he could resubmit once I clicked the re-assign button and he went to the assignment - still locked.

I don't leave assignments open indefinitely, and I don't grade assignments until they are closed. It seems the reassign button just adds the assignment to their to do list but doesn't grant them access; prompting them to resubmit would be misleading if they don't actually have access to the assignment.

If I still have to go in and re-open the assignment, then the reassign button hasn't gained me much other than prompting the student to resubmit.

I agree that adding a few days automatically would work. I would also be fine with a few buttons to allow me to choose how much time to add to the student's window of opportunity to resubmit.

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I would also like to see the option to change the due date for the individual student being allowed to "resubmit". It would be nice if this could be done while hitting the resubmit button, rather than having to go to edit assignment and changing the date there. 


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