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Recover Assignment Page Past Edits

Recover Assignment Page Past Edits


Currently, as an instructor, after we make changes on an assignment page and hit save, we can't recover it. That would be interesting to have access to either a history of edits (version control?) or at least recover from the previous saved version (before the last edit made by mistake).

Community Team
Community Team

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Community Member

This seems like a must have for any assignments that have multiple editors, like any class that has TAs. 

Not sure why Assignments and Syllabi don't have versioning like Pages do.  They are so similar in appearance that it seems that this would be an easy feature enhancement.  In reality, I'd even settle for just versioning on the HTML and not worry too much about the metadata associated with the assignment.

Or, some way of inlining or iframing a Page into the assignment HTML without having to click through to it, since Pages have versioning.

Community Member

We absolutely need a way to recover an assignment like we can do with pages.  I have witnessed many teachers this year accidentally overwrite an assignment when importing content.  For example, a teacher imported a module, made changes to assignments, pages, quizzes, etc.  Then they accidentally reimport the same module and as a result they now have lost all their changes.  The teachers can use the "View Page History" and restore the page back to the version prior to the import.  This does not exist for assignments and this would be extremely helpful.

Community Participant

+1 for having Assignment History just like Page History along with the ability to restore a prior version. I have to guess that one of the things that would make that harder to implement is that you would not want an assignment to be able to be reverted to a previous version if it's available for students and/or already has submissions. But just adding the ability to view the Assignment History would be a big plus. 

Community Member

Since we allow our students to resubmit assignments after instructors have already given feedback, it would be very beneficial to have Assignment history so either students or faculty could go back and review any type of feedback that was given in prior submissions.

Community Member

It would be helpful to see a revision history, like in a Google Doc, and be able to recover or restore from a previous date/time.

Community Member

This is a needed feature!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

This is a much needed feature for us. We are having teachers use assignments to be able to differentiate content for different groups of students and having that edit history would be super helpful.

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