Reduce number of clicks to enter text box when building a quiz


When I am building a quiz, I have to click on a text box 4 times in order to enter data in that box.  This happens in all boxes including the "add question stem" and "Type and answer" boxes.  The first click highlights the box but doesn't do anything else, the second click brings up the formatting box, but still doesn't allow me to type any information, the third click highlights the "type an answer" or "add a question stem" box that has reopened in the formatting box but still doesn't allow me to enter information, the fourth click finally adds a cursor which allows me to type information.  I have tried this using different devices and browsers, so I know it is not related to any of that.

While this only adds a little bit of time for each question, when you are building a large test with 50-100 questions or when you are building a course with tests that contain about 750 questions in total as I am doing right now, three superfluous clicks x 4 possible answers and 1 question stem x 750 questions, that adds up to a ton of wasted time.


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@MBRN  Thanks for sharing your experience with building a quiz in New Quizzes. Perhaps I didn't quite understand what you've described, but I made a screencast to show that I wasn't able to replicate what I think you're describing. 

After clicking in each box just once, I was able to enter text. Here's the screencast: 

Would you please use the pathway to support provided by your organization to initiate a support case? General instructions are in How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? 

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You are correct, sorry.  I just tried it again in Chrome and it worked fine on the first click. I've tried Chrome before but didn't have this same experience, though I haven't tried it in many months.  I generally use Safari and that is where I am having the issue. 

I'll use Chrome for creating quizzes from now on and I'll enjoy the extra time that I have 🙂

Thanks so much for your help!

Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!


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You're welcome, @MBRN ; happy and safe holidays to you as well!