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New Quizzes have a lot of quirks that need to be ironed out. One of which is the regrade option. As is, if you need to regrade a whole class, you'd need to do so manually for each student. The process is also time consuming. Here are the directions I received from Canvas Support for this issue: 

"To do this you will go into the quiz, and then click on the moderate tab. Then for each student, you
will click on their attempt. then click into the score area for one of the questions, and then click out, and then click the update scores at the bottom. This will pass the updated grade to the gradebook for
that student."

Helpful, but way too much time. We need a simple button that allows for regrading options, whether full class full quiz, full class single questions, or something else. 

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Community Team
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Does the functionality in this lesson match what you are looking for:



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I agree with original poster.  There are major problems with regrading in new quizzes.

When I use the New quiz in Canvas, it will not let me change a fill in the blank answer and regrade.  Please help!   I don't want to have to copy the quiz, fix it and make students retake it.

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Totally agree with this.  It needs some work.

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This feature needs to be added, especially when teachers change the value of a questions. When the regrade is enacted, the assignment icon still appears in the Gradebook because it needs a finalized click of "Update Scores" to each student to appear. This is time consuming for Higher Ed instructors with hundreds of students in their courses. Please consider the instructor on this part and how more efficient it makes the work flow. 

PS: Would be nice to be added to the Gradebook not just New Quizzes, or even Classic Quizzes since our institution uses them still. 

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There are many features I like in new quizzes, but regrading worked better in the classic quizzes. A new quiz lti should at a minimum have the same functionality as the application its replacing. 

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I have to agree with the OP, here.  Furthermore, if you happen to be working with something like regular expressions and tweak your question logic and then regrade, any of your previous manual marks or overrides in another student’s attempt could be overwritten.  Words cannot express the amount of frustration I feel when I work with new quizzes.  Having come from Moodle, I have been sorely disappointed with the Canvas quiz options.

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Let the instructor click a button to regrade the entire quiz after it's been modified.

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Yes, please add the ability to regrade - including in question groups. 

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When the answer to a quiz is changed by the teacher,  Canvas should automatically update the change with all the quizzes that have been corrected already by the system. This includes the points already given to change, to reflect the answer change made by the teacher. Blackboard has this feature and saves so much time. Currently if the answers provided by teacher to a quiz is wrong and the quiz is corrected already, and the teacher goes back and edits the answers with the correct answers, teachers need to manually correct every single test, Canvas does not update the quiz scores with the correct answer change, imagine doing that for 100 or more student test. 

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I've rated this idea 5 stars on the assumption that it focuses on further automating fill-in-the-blank regrade in New Quizzes, including easing the need to click Update Scores in some cases.

For other question types in New Quizzes, the Regrade button in SpeedGrader has worked well at our institution for several years; to hear more about our story, watch my colleague @RebeccaMoulder's InstructureCon 2019 presentation:

Riding the Regrade Wave: How Quizzes.Next Solved a Gnarly Grading Issue for a Large-Enrollment Busin... 

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Yes, please add a regrade function to regrade all submissions at once and update the gradebook accordingly

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If there were a regrade button, this might help with instances where the scores were not passed back to the gradebook by new quizzes LTI.  Force the quiz to regrade even if there are no changes, and communicate back.  It's a real problem for us, final exams not getting posted to the gradebook, other quizzes as well.

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We need to be able to regrade a quiz at one time even if everyone has taken the quiz.  It's not efficient to have to go through and look at each students quiz to regrade.

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I made a mistake on the point value for a File Upload question and did not realize until after the quiz was issued. I cannot go back and change the point value. All other question types allow us to do this with the "Regrade" button. Please add this feature to File Upload questions

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Kindly add a feature to synchronize adjusted results in “Moderate” with the adjusted points in the quiz setup page, so that the correct points can reflect in Gradebook. 

We review our New Quizzes assessments after they are completed by students to check for errors in our questions. When a question is poorly constructed, we assign zero points to exclude it from final assessment points. However, changing the total points in the "setup page" of the Quiz, and then updating the assessment results via “moderate”, does not reflect this change in GradeBook. We would like a "sync" function that updates the moderated points from the quiz to the Gradebook.

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We really need to be able to regrade quizzes for all students simultaneously.

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Currently, not all question types are automatically regraded when an adjustment/correction is made to a key. Make them all (except for essay) automatically adjust scores without requiring a manual regrade.

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I have pretty much given up on New Quizzes.  The problems are so pervasive that I am looking for alternatives.  How can a tool that began life 5 years ago still be in such an awful state?  This regrade issue is yet another problem that just wastes my time and causes frustration for students.

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I have this same issue with "Quizzes" (not sure what new quizzes is).  Why on Earth isn't there a simple regrade button?  I have a free response question and I needed to change the range of answers allowed but according to chat, there is only a pop up button to regrade the quiz if it is multiple choice or true/false.  Why?  Just automate the regrades and put a big button "regrade quizzes".  I have 300 students and cannot do it by hand.