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Regrade in New Quizzes to add more than one new correct answer

Regrade in New Quizzes to add more than one new correct answer

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The regrade function in New Quiz is really useful, but we'd like to see the option to add more than one alternative correct answer. 

For example, an instructor recently ran a quiz with his students, and subsequently noticed that there was an ambiguity in an MCQ question, which means that 3 of the answer choices are actually correct.  He wants to regrade so that students who gave any of the 3 correct answers are awarded the points for the question.  Currently, he could regrade once and opt to apply the regrade as 'award points for both current and previous answers'.  However, if he does this again to add the third correct answer it will replace the original one.

Currently the only solution in this scenario is to check every student's response to the question (an arduous task for a New Quiz since there's not yet the option to grade one quiz question at a time), and manually regrade each one who gave either of the alternative correct answers.  It would be much more efficient to be able to regrade with 2 or more alternative correct answers.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open