Regrade quiz when deleting questions

In instances where an instructor wants to remove a question from a quiz that students have already taken, the option to regrade a quiz should be available if a question is deleted. Or even add a choice in Regrade Options to drop the question from the quiz and remove its points from the quiz value total.

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2022-07-12 -- After reviewing this long-existing idea, the Community Team has determined that this request will remain Open. While it was authored when only Classic Quizzes existed, the idea can be applied to New Quizzes as well. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of duplicated Idea requests and allow the conversation and collaboration to exist in a single space. 

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 @kevin_redding ‌, consider asking ASU's Canvas admins about whether they offer the possibility of evaluating Quizzes.Next. Its regrade -- part of the Moderate feature -- is available for all automatically-gradable question types, can be used multiple times, and doesn't require the use of Fudge Points. 

(Caveat: at this time, Quizzes.Next regrade doesn't help with deleted questions. or with changes to a quiz not made through Moderate.)

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Having just given a quiz where I needed to remove a question from the quiz and then having to figure out which students answered the question incorrectly and change their grade manually is very time consuming.  Being able to delete a questions and have the system regrade the quiz should be a tool that is readily available to the teacher.

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I dislike quizzes next intensely. You have to manually add points to matching questions. I made the matching question worth 16 points; student misses just one and gets a 0. Why not let teachers know beforehand that the students have to get a perfect score or they get a 0. I had to put in all the points for matching by using fudge points. What a waste of time. They regular quizzes doesn't do that. Another crappy thing about quizzes next is that you can't just move your question banks over to quizzes next with just a click. That is going to be hours of copy and pasting. And another thing, you can finally record in canvas without having go through a maze, and now we have to migrate to quizzes next which doesn't have a recording option.

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Please consider this functionality in a different scenario.  I use quizzes and for my lab answer sheets in my science classes.  It has greatly simplified the grading process since I have nearly 100 post lab assignments coming in every week.  There have been times when I haven't been able to get to material due to something happening during the lab or students getting into a lively discussion.  Not having the ability to delete a question is a basic functionality that I need.  So now I have a scenario where half of my class has 16 questions and half the class has 15 questions because we didn't get to the video we were going to watch.  Try fudging that!  You can't.  Then try explaining what has happened to your class.  This confuses the dickens out of the students. 

Even our justice system allows mistakes to be corrected as well in the workplace.  Imagine that if there was no way to correct the amount of money deposited into your checking account when human resources states that they miscalculated your paycheck and they paid you half of your salary.  This is similar to when student miss a question because we make a mistake. Mistakes happen in the real world and corrections are made.  I do not understand how in academia we have gotten so far out of touch with the real world.  Not to have the flexibility to change or modify would have lead to our extinction long ago, can you say evolution?

Worried about transparency? If you delete or change a question, then just tell your students what you did.  You have maintained transparency but also demonstrated that you are looking out for the best interest of your students while remaining accountable.  If students have raised this issue, then you have shown that their input counts.

The tail should not wag the dog. 

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I need this feature!! Angel had it and it's a pain to have to go through over 100 quizzes to find which students had the question from a bank of questions to manually adjust their grade!

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I don't think we should be able to delete the question after students have answered it.  This makes me feel like we are trying to revise history. 

I do think that we should be able to remove the weight of the question, while leaving the points that students earned if they answered correctly, so it acts as a bonus question. I do this when a question is well-written, but very very hard and few students answered correctly. 

If the question is terrible, we should be able to remove the weight of the question AND remove the points that the students earned if they answered what was marked as the correct answer. This is what I like to do when there is no correct answer for the question. 

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This feature is such a basic Grading 101 necessity that I'll be shocked if we ever see it. 

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I recently wrote a bad question, and feel very lucky that I realized it when very few students had taken the quiz. It is not an academic class and everyone would have passed without the question. I gave everyone who missed it a point and rewrote the question entirely. It would be wonderful if this scenario were handled better in Canvas!

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I second this notion when a question is deleted as well as when the answer key is updated. I have entered the answers incorrectly, and the quiz is not regraded; I have to do it manually. (Other LMS systems will regrade - see Schoology.)

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I agree.  I believe it would make our lives much easier if this feature was available.

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 @aeicke  in case it's available at your institution, New Quizzes already includes an automatic regrade feature which covers answer key updates:

At our business school, we've actively piloted New Quizzes specifically for its power to regrade automatically in changed-correct-answer situations.

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Hey Rob,

How well this pilot went on your institution? The regrade tool worked as intended? 


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Since this will probably never happen, I've come up with an imperfect workaround. I either change the question and keep the answer (ABCD) the same, or sometimes just write for the question: "Click B for the answer." Yes, that one gives students a point that they might not otherwise have earned, but it's better than the alternative.

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 @Alexandre_Sch  in brief, our pilot last spring went very well, including automatic regrades. With luck the video of my colleague  @RebeccaMoulder ‌'s presentation at InstructureCon 2019 about this pilot will become available soon.

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Thank you for this. It is absurd that we need workarounds for such a basic "feature," but here were are. 

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Questions linked a question bank should also be regraded when editted!

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@mitchel_stimers  where can we find the source of that chart? Is that on a public page? Thank you!

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Hello! I just went on each page and compiled the info into a table in Excel.