Remove Front Page tag from Pages

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Remove Front Page tag from Pages

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

When you set one of your Pages to "Front Page", give the option to Undo or remove this Front Page tag. This will allow you to go back to seeing all of your Pages when you click on the Page link rather than having to click Pages > View All Pages when  you have set a "Front Page" tag.

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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-11-18) 

Lamplighter, this is an idea that's been tendered to the Community a few times before, but never received the requisite votes to move forward for further consideration.

While you're watching your new idea get votes, consider implementing this ingenious solution from‌: 

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stefaniesanders‌ - how many votes does it need? The "ingenious solution" you mentioned is such a long read! Obviously I don't care enough about the issue; I'll just leave my course as it is. Being able to undo "front page" designation seems like such a simple request, though!


adriennefan.arroyo, this resource should address your question:

Also, much of the linked document consists of a description and explanation of the process; the actual implementation took me under two minutes.


No one has ever accused me of being a tl;dr kind of guy.



No one has ever accused me of being a tl;dr kind of guy.

In all honesty though I agree with Stefanie that even though the description is long, the actual implementation takes 2 minutes or less!

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Yes, I searched for this because I clicked the option to make a page a "Front Page" just to see what it would look like and, much to my surprise, there was no "undo" and there's no option to "delete." I really wish there was a caution box that said something like, "Once you mark this 'Front Page,' it can't be undone! Are you sure you want to make this the front page?" Why permit users to assign a front page without this warning, if not, the option to "unassign" it? I'll use James Jones's workaround, but I'd appreciate the much easier option of simply clicking to un-assign the front page.

Community Member‌, I tried to comment on your blog with the workaround, but there is not option for me to do so. I clicked "Like" on it, but I want you to know that I'm very grateful for the effort you put into your solution. You made it easy for me to remove the front-page designation.


It might be because you need to follow the‌ group here in the Community.  Don't quote me on this (though I think this is true), but if you're not following a group, then you can't comment on postings.‌ is where James' blog is located.


That's weird. The option to "Restrict comments" is not checked, so as far as I know, anyone should be able to comment. I'm certainly not trying to keep people from doing so.

Anyway, you're welcome and I'm glad it was able to help you. Sometimes we try things that are seemingly innocuous, just to find out that it was a one-way street with no easy undo.


Community Member‌, I "followed" Canvas Admins, James Jones and James Jones' Blog. None of the these actions allowed me to comment o on his post.