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Remove prerequisite message for date-dependent, locked modules

Remove prerequisite message for date-dependent, locked modules

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Currently, when a module is set to be locked until a certain date, there is a message displayed on the content within the module that states:  

Completion prerequisites 
The following requirements need to be completed before the page will be unlocked:” 

However, there are no prerequisites listed under this message, as there are none to be completed. 

This screenshot shows what a student sees when accessing an assignment within a date-dependent, locked module. 

I suggest removing this message to avoid student confusion over whether they need to complete prerequisites to access the locked content. 

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This is not an enhancement request but a correction of a deficiency. Instructure please do not delay waiting for broad community support and just fix this.

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Hi @NicolaFroese 

Have you used the Report a Problem link from the Canvas Help Menu to report this? This seems like a bug and something our development teams will want to address.


Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea, @NicolaFroese . As @ctitmus has advised, anyone who encounters this issue should use the pathway to support provided by their school to initiate a case with Canvas Support. It is most likely associated with  [OPEN] [iOS] Student | module requirements do not ...