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Remove the requirement to "check" pen annotations

Remove the requirement to "check" pen annotations

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In speedgrader on the web, teachers have to "check" or "tick" pen annotations.

This is different from most annotation apps.  The need to "check" to save pen annotations is confusing since that is not required for the Canvas teacher app.

Edit: This should be extended to student annotation submissions too

This idea came from comments shared by others on student annotation submissions.

Community Team
Community Team
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I second this idea. Consistency is key.

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In the newly created Student Annotation assignment/submission type, Students also have to "check" or "tick" pen annotations to ensure they are saved and will be included in their submissions.

This functionality is likely to lead to Students making Annotation submissions, only for their free-draw annotations to not show up because when they were annotating, they failed to check/tick their pen annotations, and thus they were not saved.

Thus, it would be great to remove the requirement to "check" pen (Free draw) annotations for Students as well.

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@learningsystems  I agree.  This idea should extend to the Student Annotation assignment as well as teacher annotation.

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The current annotation system where you annotate and confirm could be replaced with an autosaving annotation system with the ability to undo.  

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I completely agree, we have many students who are submitting work and losing their annotations through the submission because they don't click the check box. Every other annotation type in the window auto-saves. Consistency would reduce confusion and lost work.