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Remove ungraded/ formative assignments and quizzes from grade book and student grades page

Remove ungraded/ formative assignments and quizzes from grade book and student grades page

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There should be an option to remove assignments that won't count toward a student's grade from the gradebook and the student's grade page.

My gradebook is cluttered by formative assignments that won't count toward students' grades. This makes it difficult to recognize missing assignments from graded work. I work around this by creating a category called "ungraded work" and filtering it out, but that prevents me from viewing all of the other categories (tests, quizzes, hw, etc) in the gradebook at once.

More importantly, it is difficult for students to identify which assignments are missing as their "grades" page is cluttered by ungraded assignments. 

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I have the same issue! Either students are confused about the "missing" assignment, or I change the assignment to accept a "fake" submission, which only adds unnecessary screen time for students. I would love to see this feature added!

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I also have the same issue; I have also had to have a work-around but it is awkward and frustrating sometimes.  I have had to make assignments really thin in the gradebook because it gets so ponderous.

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Without practice or ungraded quizzes, displaying all quizzes and assignments (even with the "Do not count towards the final grade" option) clutters the Calendar, Syllabus and Grades page/Gradebook, making these sections hard to use effectively and causing unnecessary stress and confusion for students.

In an ideal world, teachers should have the option to (1) mark quizzes as ungraded like other assignments and then (2) filter out graded and ungraded quizzes and assignments as desired from the different views. A simpler feature that would still go a long way to make things easier for everybody would be to have a marker of some kind (different symbol, colour, annotation) to distinguish "do not count" quizzes and assignments. The Grades page already does this for students - although it still does not resolve the clutter issue, it would be good to at least have something similar for the Syllabus and Calendar. 


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I have the same problem as the comments already posted.  Any updates from Canvas??