Replying to specific posts in Canvas discussions from email

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In the past, it was always possible to go to a specific post from an email notification by using the “Click here to join the conversation” link. If you were already logged into Canvas and had it open, clicking on the link would take you directly to that post, and you could reply to it from there. Up until a few days ago this worked and now it does not. Currently, when you click the link from an email notification it takes you to the top of the discussion instead of to the specific post. I was told by technical support that this feature no longer exists. WHY?

Sure you can reply to a post by using the REPLY link at the bottom of an email, but that doesn’t allow you to provide a formatted reply such as you can with the Rich Content Editor in Canvas, and replying from email also often includes extra “stuff” from your email that you don’t want actually posted in the discussion.
Please bring back this functionality. As an instructor, it saves valuable time as opposed to scrolling through numerous posts looking for one, or having to use the “Find” tool on the browser.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open

Hi @dalecall792 -

Thank you for sharing your Idea! With the help of a Community Coach, we were able to confirm what you explained in your request. I edited your post to help with clarity so all Community Members and Project Mangers could better understand what you experience and would like to see in the feature.

This Idea is now Open for Conversation, and I hope other Community Members join the discussion.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this.  Why would this functionality go away on a product "enhancement"? Permalinks are key for us because our online courses have rolling registration/enrollment so a course can exist for 5 years and gather a large number of student posts. I know there are search features, but the permalink in the discussion notification would greatly cut down on time.