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Reposition Test Student pink circle on mobile app

Reposition Test Student pink circle on mobile app

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Recommendation to please reposition the "TS" circle on the test student account for mobile apps. Currently it sits on top of the Next button and makes it incredibly hard to select Next without triggering the "Leave Student View" popup.

Suggest that the "TS" circle is moved to the middle, between Previous and Next buttons.


Community Member

Ideally the label Test Student would be like a banner at the top eg. a slightly thicker top border with Test Student label in the middle.

Community Team
Community Team
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Definitely needs to be moved. Agree with @ChristineMILLS, a banner at the top (that pushes all content down, i.e. doesn't cover the content) would be ideal!

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Would be nice to have it re-positioned on the website as well, the pink bar often sits over things that need to be clicked or blocks access to the Settings menu item.

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