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I would much prefer having the option to tie Item Banks to courses instead of instructors so that this didn't happen in the first place, but just in case this is quicker/easier (or in case Canvas never does get around to implementing that feature), it would be extremely helpful if people who are "unauthorized" to edit Item Banks could request access.

As an example, I'm helping run a sharing site for a group of TAs. I had to bank the questions in a quiz because I wanted to export them to a different course; this is the only way to do this in Quizzes.Next. That also closed off the quiz questions to the other TAs; when they try to edit them, they get an error message saying they're not authorized. I know I can give them authorization by sharing, but I wish there were a way for them to ask for authorization—within Canvas, not by using external means. If someone were to bank an item and I had no idea who, it would take much longer to find out by emailing everyone in the course than by being able to hit a button in Canvas that sends the bank owner a notification that someone is requesting access.

Again, it would be even better if this problem could be eliminated entirely by allowing Item Banks to be tied to courses, but if there's any chance that won't happen, this would be the next best thing.

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@urbansk6 Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, we hope you'll also read through Priority Gathering for the New Quizzes Roadmap and add your thoughts to the comment thread. You might also be interested in supporting Managing Item Banks as a Canvas Admin.

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Yes, I've been following the Priority Gathering thread very thoroughly. The suggestions made in Managing Item Banks as a Canvas Admin would certainly help things, but as I mentioned, I'm a graduate student, and I would like to see people in assistant and designer positions like mine having access to basic information and abilities like this—not just Canvas Admins.

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I would support this as a way to save users or admin time in tracking down who owns an item bank, this may not be easy to do as courses and teachers change over time. For the new user to gain access to the item bank they currently need to ask around until they find a colleague with access or they will need to ask admin to 'act as user' on multiple teacher accounts until they can find out who owns it and 'share' with the new teacher. Being able to request directly from the quiz using the item bank would be significantly easier.

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How are multiple course designers and teachers able to build a robust assessment in a course together? 

The Item Bank created by one can't be accessed or added to. Crazy.

In the age of collaboration to improve online learning, those designing and teaching need to be able to collaborate on building the Item Banks.

Please find an elegant (simple) solution to access permissions to support teachers and designers collaboration on building Item Banks.


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I'm an instructional designer, and I regularly create quizzes, question banks, and item banks for other people's courses. I never need access to the item banks after a faculty member has finished win our design cycle, but if I delete the item bank from my own item banks, it deletes it from anyone or any course I've shared with. This means that, over time, I will have hundreds of item banks that I will never actually need or use. 

I suggest a way to transfer "ownership" of an item bank to someone else, so I can delete access for myself without deleting access for other people. It would make it easier to find item banks I need for current classes without having to sort through pages and pages of item banks I don't use or need. 

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