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With the move to remote learning and the pandemic causing more uncertainty for students I have more students than normal requesting assignment extensions. While it’s totally possible to go in and make the manual edits to extend assignments it’s time consuming. Could students get a button that allows them to request an extension on an assignment or other assessment. It would prompt them to state the length of extension requested. Then it would show up on the instructor notifications and the instructor could click like approve, decline or modify? It would make extension granting more streamlined and easier to provide. 

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Love this idea!!

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Great idea


Make it easier for and instructor to allow more time in a course. this should automatically adjust all due dates etc. 

I know different school vary the way they give access to a student for a course. 

here is a quick reference on how we do it. 

students are enrolled in a course and its related sections by our enrollment software. no faculty can add students to a course(per FERPA). 

our terms are set by the canvas admin and faculty are not able to change or override those dates and are not able to conclude a course. the term dates do that. 

our course shells are for the term and are not recycled term after term. they are assigned a term using sis id and are put is a specific subaccount based on year and term. 

our current method for extensions is for faculty to create a section in the course, put in dates. then they add the section to the student in the people page. 

the time consuming part is giving the access to the assignments to this section. if they just have due dates it is easy but if they have until dates they will have to go to each one and adjust those dates. 

the ideal method would be if canvas would be able to figure out how to have an instructor just click on a student and easily select something that would give them x amount of time to complete the course. 

this is especially needed in our current environment where students may be taking longer to complete a course than being face to face. 


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Love, love, love this idea. PLEASE make it so.

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This is a great idea.... sadly since it is a great idea and helps with automation and making things better for the student and instructor they most likely will ignore it 😞

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Good idea! 

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helpdesk also has a good idea for another feature.  Hope he creates a feature request for that one as well.

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This is a great, student-centered idea!  


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Excellent description, @ChrisMedina!

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This is a great idea!

I'd love to see this for course extension requests as well.

I like helpdesk's idea too. 


i did mine as a separate idea but it got merged with this one. 

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Yes, Please!

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I like the idea.

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This would save many steps I feel from the current process to extend assignments and quizzes -


yes please!

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Yes, this is a good idea!

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Wonderful idea!  Would benefit instructors and students significantly!

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Instructors would love this.

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Love this idea!

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My two cents…

A one-click option is a good idea but, its purpose and use must be clear. 

1) It must emphasize the extension is not a course extension.

2) Offer the options to select one or more assignments to include in the request (see #4)

3) Include a “Date request picker” that prevents selecting a date beyond the course end date.  (see #4)

4) Provide an interface that allows the instructor to set up extension requests format before publishing the course. (see #4)

For example, some course designs allow students to submit multiple assignments simultaneously.  In this case, instructors should set up the options button to enable an extension on numerous assignments.

Simultaneous submissions are ineffective for other courses (i.e., public speaking).  For example, I would not allow students to submit their first draft and final copy outline and their speech on the same day. 

5) When approved by the instructor, the extension would automatically (a) create a new section using the student name & IDs, (b) add the student to the section, (c) notify the student and instructor, and (d) provide instructions for the student that (1) require the student to click an acceptance link and (2) Include an “Accept the Terms” statement as part of the process of joining (accepting) the new section. 

I believe it is essential to clarify that assignment extensions (just like course extensions) are a modification of the syllabus contract.