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Request extension feature for students

Request extension feature for students

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With the move to remote learning and the pandemic causing more uncertainty for students I have more students than normal requesting assignment extensions. While it’s totally possible to go in and make the manual edits to extend assignments it’s time consuming. Could students get a button that allows them to request an extension on an assignment or other assessment. It would prompt them to state the length of extension requested. Then it would show up on the instructor notifications and the instructor could click like approve, decline or modify? It would make extension granting more streamlined and easier to provide. 

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Good, but a student MUST indicate a reason (excuse) as to why the assignment will be late.

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I suspect it would have to have an instructor-controlled toggle, to support instructors who don't do extensions. Either way, some capacity for students to put in some text with details, or better yet, the date they propose completing the assignment, would be helpful. 

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I like this idea.  There are some good comments too on how to tighten it up.

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I just had an instructor inquiry asking if this functionality was part of Canvas. They are currently using a Microsoft form as a stop-gap. Managing requests throughout the term within multiple sections makes this process cumbersome and time-consuming.

I would love to see this implemented in Canvas using the wonderful suggestions in this comment thread.

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This would make everyone's life easier.

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I was just going to suggest this idea. I like it, especially as my district moves toward standards-based grading. Deadlines are important, but they are flexible, and it puts the burden on students to figure it out.

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We have a formal process for students to request extensions, which requires a PDF form to be completed and signed off and later archived appropriately in a central location. Managing this through email in parallel to Canvas is a chore (it's kinda slow to update assignments manually especially if you have more than a few students to process) and difficult to ensure compliance with policies while doing so.

It would be really great if Canvas had a built-in way for students to request an extension. It could provide a link to the PDF form, the number of extension days (and hours?) requested (with an option to cap the request at a certain maximum).

The course Teacher would be notified of the request, review the documentation, hit approve, and the assignment would automatically update.

Even better: if (optionally) no student could be provided an extension without appropriate approval.

Finally, nice to have but not essential: a button "download all extension requests" could be provided for offline archiving at the end of the course.