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Requirements in the Gradebook

Requirements in the Gradebook

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It is quite common that students need to pass all assignments in order to pass a course. So if for example a student has 2 assignments and a final exam, and fails one of these, he does not pass the course. Let's say a student gets 7 for assignment 1, 4 for assignment 2, and then a final exam with 8. Given that they all weigh 33% this studend would get a final grade of 6,3, but since he failed assignment 2, he has not passed the course.

It would be great to be able to add some requirements in the gradebook that would either override the final grade, or at least "flag" students that do not meet a defined requirement in defined assignments.


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Thanks for sharing this idea, and we've moved it forward for broader discussion.

Several of the courses I used to teach had a similar scenario, which meant I had to do manual scoring—and lots of communication—in order to align the grading scheme with school requirements.

Of course, the Canvas gradebook accommodates a final grade override, but it's a manual process.

One of our community members posted a solution that I wasn't able to use because at that point I was no longer teaching, so I didn't get a chance to try it in a live course. If you decide to experiment with it, please let us know what you think:  Override / Adjust the Final Grade.

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Thank you Stephanie! 

Yes, I did see some manual solutions, but I would love to see the Gradebook develop into a more automated process of taking some of these requirements into account.