Restrict File Types for Quiz File Uploads


Include a feature in Canvas quizzes that allows teachers to restrict the file types for "file upload" quiz questions. This is the same concept as restricting file types for an assignment. Currently, students can upload any file without being able to restrict the type of file they upload, which makes it hard to grade in Canvas.

Idea originates from Vincent Bonini and the Math Department at Cal Poly. 

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni
Status changed to: Archived


Thanks for sharing this idea. The ability to restrict file types for file upload questions has been developed and is available to users of New Quizzes. Please read through How do I create a File Upload assessment question using New Quizzes? for details.

Our developers are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes, which is scheduled to be deprecated some time next year, so we have archived this idea.

If you and your colleagues would like to try out the new quiz tool, New Quizzes Resources will get you started. A local Canvas admin might need to enable the tool for you to use in a sandbox or live course.