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Reusable Grading Schemes - Course-Level Creation

Reusable Grading Schemes - Course-Level Creation

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Currently, admins can create grading schemes at an account level and them have them accessible in all courses. If you create a grading scheme within one of your courses though, it is only available in that course or in a course in which you do a course import from the originating course.

It would be most useful if grading schemes created at the course level were available across any courses in which the creator is an instructor. If I have two courses that use the same grading scheme, I don't want to have to rebuild my scheme to use it. Solutions could include adding the copy/send options to grading schemes or having the scheme associated with the user rather than the course.

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This would be really helpful. I proposed something similar back in 2016 but it went nowhere. 

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This is exactly the issue which prompted me to join this community. As an instructor, I find it quite tedious to have to do a course import process every time I set up a new course just to apply the new grading scheme.

This is a great idea to have the ability to save the grading scheme once to my account and be able to apply it across all of my courses.