Rubrics - Ability to bold text in a rubric & Fixed column widths

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I would love the ability to bold text headers in a rubric. That would make the criteria titles so much easier to read.


Also, it columns could be set to a fixed width. I have a rubric with a 1-6 and 5 criteria. Each row has columns of different widths which slows down grading. 


Thank you

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Hello! While I don't believe that Canvas will let you bold headers, I have been using the alt code symbols to create a little division in my rubrics. This is a quick reference list . It's not the best solution, but I have found it to be helpful... I hope it works for you too!

Here is an example: 

Screenshot 2021-02-04 11.08.01.png

Tip: It won't present this format while the rubric is being edited, but as soon as you hit save it will appear like this. 


That's a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion. 

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Problem statement:

When you create a rubric, the size of the columns of the rubric from one row to another does not necessarily align nor function the same in relation to the content in that row in comparison to the subsequent rows. For our institution, we have templated rubrics with the same four levels of achievement. For the sake of this post, let's say the highest level of achievement is "Mastery", the second is "Distinguished", the third is "Marginal", and the lowest is "Unacceptable". When I create a rubric with 3 criteria, there is no standard for the size of the Mastery cell for each of these 3 rows. Instead of the Mastery, Distinguished, Marginal, and Unacceptable ratings present on all three criteria, they are not evenly spaced width-wise which is confusing and looks unprofessional.

Proposed solution:

Ensure that when the same number of ratings are selected on a rubric, the rating column size aligns with each criterion. This increases the readability and comparability of the items on the rubric for students and faculty.

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